Here’s my take on the 2016 Presidential Election. Nothing.

Neither candidate would have250433, has had, would have had or ever will have (just trying to get all the tenses in there) an effect on my business plan to help as many investors, purchasers and sellers with their real estate needs as a real estate professional.

like most of you, I thought it was a long road for now president-elect Donald Trump to win the presidency – so I had a business plan for my real estate business under the Madam President.

My plan under a Clinton Presidency:

  • 10 Note cards sent out each week (480/year)
  • 10 calls into my sphere database each week (480/year)
  • 200 mailers each month to my DB (2400/year)
  • 450+ emails to my DB via a 33-touch campaign through the year (that would be 14,850 contacts through the year)
  • Assume postage increase of $.02 per mailed piece
  • Assume increase in tax bill as I will aim to be in a new tax bracket by the end of 2017 (most successful real estate business owners pay a lot of taxes – I intend to be successful!)

Now – Here’s how my plan has CHANGED under the Trump Presidency.

Nothing’s wrong with your screen – my plan is the same. Just so you know, except for a change in some of the database numbers above – my plan for the Obama Presidency and the Bush Presidency were pretty much the same as well.

Go forth and do do likewise!